Sunday, June 17, 2007

Don't Drink and Diet

All the best intentioned weeks of dieting can be ruined by an evening of Mott's Clamato Juice and a bit of Vodka. Summer BBQs are the one of the best things about the season. Sitting back with a few friends some steak and a drink.

Sunday evening I dug out my box of dieting manuals and recovered my copy of the Zone. Excited I went to the 24 hour grocery store and bought all the foods I would need for the week. i dusted off a smallish cooler and put an ice pack in the freezer. Monday started off wonderfully. I got up in the morning and had a brisk walk. I returned home and stocked my cooler with vegetables, a banana, a sandwich and a salad of tomatoes, cucumber and avocado. I was ready to diet. WhooHoo was I ready. I was able to maintain my excitement well into Wednesday night. I had a meeting in the evening and I arrived with a bottle of Fresca in hand and some serious kick-ass. When I arrived my glorious partners were discussing Company names over glasses of champagne. I hauled out my Fresca to drink as as I turned to get a glass a Ceasar appeared on the counter before me. Just one I thought. One turned to four and suddenly my diet was off course. Thursday arrived and I stuck to the diet, no exercise. Now on to Friday. A summer BBQ at a friend's place. Oh joy o bliss, the weather was marvelous and as in most circles of friends I suspect, people arrive that you hadn't seen since last summer. Feeling badly about my misstep on Wednesday I vowed to nurse one drink and then switch to unsweetened ice tea. Seven ceasar later I was hammered and my diet was once again in the gutter.

I know others might say that I'm weak but I would say "Let's be realistic". What is a gal to do. Lock herself in a closet and eat rice crisps all summer.

It's Sunday again. Pounds lost this week 0. I am writing this message and thinking about the grocery store. Do I give it a try again this week? Of course I do as the alternative is to gain a pound. I must be strong and if I have learned anything this week it's Don't drink and diet. It's going to be a long summer.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Does UGLY Clothing=Ugly Woman

I watch TV and see Britney Spears shake her bootie and think she looks like an idiot but.... for a moment I wish I had her body and if I did I might shake it too. Well I don't have her body so I'll just get over it.

Now for all you fat girls out there you have to get over it too. There are some things that aren't meant for fat girls. One of them is a crop top. Quite simply keep you belly to yourself. Secondly, don't even think about a tank top. Are you kidding. Anything over a B cup must be securely fastened. Lastly, get over the idea of a mini skirt right now. Not only do your legs look more shapely in other styles but when you sit down and perhaps you have a small Britney slip and show a little thigh..... we all know that ain't pretty.

In all fairness; slutty clothes on the chubby girl is a fat joke waiting to happen but how do you jump from there, directly to matronly and frumpy. I love Kathy Bates but I don't want to look like her. Pants are not supposed to be stretch polyester with elasticized waist bands. Did you know that a man sees a waist band like that immediately thinks granny panties. That's wrong, so very very wrong.

I don't think a 14 plus should let the muffin top hang out but I also don't understand why most plus size shops carry mostly tops that hang down to your knees and refuse to allow you any sense of a waist line.

Fabrics are styles seem to take a year or two to catch up and just so shoe stores know: most women are size 14. High boots on fashion models are great but heavier women have bigger calves. We can't buy your boots. I have money and I want to spend it but you won't let me. Today Lane Bryant and Ashley Stewart are the only 2 stores I know of that cater to a stylish plus size woman. Maybe I should stop writing on this blog and start designing clothing because there is a truckload of money to be made on plus size clothing.

So I ask you ladies out there? Do you feel like an ugly woman because you often have to wear ugly clothes?