Monday, May 28, 2007

Why is Food Never the Reward

It has been said many times that a large percentage of women would rather eat chocolate than have sex. Clearly 2 tickets to the Stanley Cup Playoffs is not on the radar of most women as a reward either. So why do I crave food, need food, think about food? Why does it cross my mind as soon as I have accomplished something that I should reward myself with ice cream?

So here's my list of today's accomplishments:

1. walk 6 am for 25 minutes
2. eat yogurt for breakfast
3. skip the freshly baked muffins in the kitchen at work just before lunch
4. have salad for lunch
5. create a fantastic design solution for one of our most miserable clients
6. bail another job out of the fire because there a 2 directors out sick today.
7. talk the only healthy director out of quitting because of the stress of doing the work of three.
8. stay late to help a junior employee learn some tricks on a new software program.
9. get home from work @ 8:30pm

LET ME EAT CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't want hockey tickets, I don't want sex (well not right now), I don't want to win the lottery. I want to eat chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream. What evil spirit has given me taste buds, free will and a crappy metabolism. I ask you that.

So fine, I'll have some carrots and hate the world.

Life ain't fair, no kidding


William Fatner said...

Dieting is like flossing? Listen, I love this page's dedication to losing weight. But Fat people make way too many excuses. Overweight people typically just need to STOP putting food in their mouths. Simple as that. Fat people are usually very sensitive to the truth and complain that this attitude is "mean" or "uncaring." God helps those that help themselves, so put down the chips and get healthy already.

Look, here's the DIET SOLUTION; anyone that wants to lose the flubber should simply take a picture of themselves and put it on the fridge next to a picture of a starving child. Next time you need a cupcake, stare at the picture for 30 seconds and get real.

There's more, but you can read it all at the link below. We welcome all feedback.

Michael Boyle said...

Oh my Gosh it's so funny ti read your posts! Don't give up, you'll lose weigh. I can advise you to read about raw-eating