Sunday, June 17, 2007

Don't Drink and Diet

All the best intentioned weeks of dieting can be ruined by an evening of Mott's Clamato Juice and a bit of Vodka. Summer BBQs are the one of the best things about the season. Sitting back with a few friends some steak and a drink.

Sunday evening I dug out my box of dieting manuals and recovered my copy of the Zone. Excited I went to the 24 hour grocery store and bought all the foods I would need for the week. i dusted off a smallish cooler and put an ice pack in the freezer. Monday started off wonderfully. I got up in the morning and had a brisk walk. I returned home and stocked my cooler with vegetables, a banana, a sandwich and a salad of tomatoes, cucumber and avocado. I was ready to diet. WhooHoo was I ready. I was able to maintain my excitement well into Wednesday night. I had a meeting in the evening and I arrived with a bottle of Fresca in hand and some serious kick-ass. When I arrived my glorious partners were discussing Company names over glasses of champagne. I hauled out my Fresca to drink as as I turned to get a glass a Ceasar appeared on the counter before me. Just one I thought. One turned to four and suddenly my diet was off course. Thursday arrived and I stuck to the diet, no exercise. Now on to Friday. A summer BBQ at a friend's place. Oh joy o bliss, the weather was marvelous and as in most circles of friends I suspect, people arrive that you hadn't seen since last summer. Feeling badly about my misstep on Wednesday I vowed to nurse one drink and then switch to unsweetened ice tea. Seven ceasar later I was hammered and my diet was once again in the gutter.

I know others might say that I'm weak but I would say "Let's be realistic". What is a gal to do. Lock herself in a closet and eat rice crisps all summer.

It's Sunday again. Pounds lost this week 0. I am writing this message and thinking about the grocery store. Do I give it a try again this week? Of course I do as the alternative is to gain a pound. I must be strong and if I have learned anything this week it's Don't drink and diet. It's going to be a long summer.


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Sunday evening I dug out my box of dieting manuals and recovered my copy of the Zone

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John said...

Don't lose hope. All we need to do is to monitor and discipline ourselves if we are serious in dieting. I myself feels guilty too whenever I told myself to start dieting and later on ended up drinking colas.

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You've made right conclusions! Don't drink and eat right. Do you actually want to lose some pounds? If yes, then do it!

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